Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Morning July 17

 This sweet little attic spot has been my room for just past 5 weeks now.  It's looking a bit sad as I try to dismantle and pack up last night and this morning.  I'm feeling overwhelmed, honestly.  So excited to get home and yet hardly being able to stand the thought of leaving.  This is going to be a waterfall day for sure!

Five weeks ago on Friday evening Ruth and I arrived at Laura and Frederik's.
Tomorrow as we leave Amsterdam, it will be just six weeks since I left home to fly over here.  It feels like a really long time that I've been gone, and yet it also has gone so quickly.  Especially this last 2 weeks!

I don't have time to do a post about this last week yet so it's going to have to wait, but I'll just summarize a bit. Baby was a week old on Wednesday July 13, and Laura and I took her into the Dr's to have her tongue tie clipped to hopefully make it easier for nursing.  It's been a long week of working with her, but there's definite improvement, progress.  It does make it more difficult for me to think of leaving her tho!

Ruth arrived on Wednesday afternoon also.  On Friday afternoon we left Laura and baby at home and went to a different part of the province where some of Ruth's ancestors came from. It was fun to see another part of the country, and we did some sightseeing & exploring in a city while F. had some business there.  I'm excited to look (and post) at some of those pictures, it was a fun and interesting day!

Saturday Ruth and I did some shopping, cooking & baking for Laura, and just had a good relaxing day with her and baby while F. was away for the day.

Today (Sunday) we leave in the afternoon on the train for Amsterdam, and will (hopefully) fly out on Monday morning from there.  Depending on flight's & where we end up going for sure, I will be home either on Tuesday or Wednesday, so hopefully at least by the end of the week can finish up my travel posts!

I'll leave you for now with a picture of sweet Maylia hanging out with Grammie on Saturday eve.


  1. Oh my, I know your heart is full to overflowing!! Safe journey back home, but I know that your time there will never be forgotten! Hugs!!!

  2. This has been a wonderful journey for you. So glad you shared it with your friends too. You have many sweet memories to hold in your heart. Now you have one more "grand" treasure to love.

  3. A bittersweet journey ahead. So nice you could be there at the beginning.

  4. tears, tears for you leaving, tears for Laura too, Safe Journey. God's Blessing on the new little family. Love to All